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This truck is known as the Cantor everywhere in the world but the United States where it's called a Fuso.

The first generation Canter was introduced to the small truck market in March of 1963, in the form of the T720 cab-over truck with a 2-ton cargo capacity. It was named "Canter" because of its hardy performance and the exhilarating way it moved like a swift horse.
In July 1968, 5 years after its birth, Canter was fully remodeled and became the T90 series -- Canter's second generation.

Each truck was equipped with a dynamic and powerful high-performance engine -- namely a 75 ps diesel, a 90 ps gasoline, or a 95 ps gasoline model, making the Canter top of its class in acceleration and maximum speed. With a large cargo space that was also near the top of its class, the Canter offered roominess in every aspect.
In 1973, the T200 Series was completed, becoming Canter's third generation with substantial changes made to each component, including the cab's front panel.

The conventional gasoline engines were both upgraded by 5 ps to 100 ps and 95 ps, while at the same time, an MCA system was included to address exhaust emission issues. An additional 3 ton diesel truck joined the Canter, which already had a reputation for offering a wide variety of models.
Furthermore, the new Canter gained much attention for its flexibility in custom-design, allowing it to suit the needs of different cargo loads and usage conditions through low bed, high bed, standard, and long body options.
In the late 1970's, Canter's market share grew by over 20%. The truck that encouraged this rising tide was the 4th generation Canter, the FE 1 and 2 series, launched in October 1978.

The standard color of this truck's body was "Arizona Cream", a color reminiscent of the bright gleam of the sun against an endless blue sky. The reputation of this truck, which performed so far beyond the bounds of common sense, led it to be called the "Golden Sprinter" and it remained strong in the marketplace.
The FE 3 and 4 series, members of Canter's 5th generation, were born in October 1985. With the tag line "Today's new Canter, loaded for the future", these Canters were fully remodeled for the first time in 7 years and designed to offer a tender feel hidden in a masculine exterior on city roads.

These Canters were very popular with their futuristic cab style, and as a small-size truck, sported an excellent air resistance system with a drag coefficient of just 0.51. Fuel consumption was also improved by 2-5%. Improved visibility offered the driver a sense of openness.
In November 1993 during Canter's 20th anniversary year, the 6th generation Canter was introduced. With the tag line "GOOD TRUCK", these Canters featured a round-cubic cab with top-class aerodynamic characteristics, and were equipped with high-performance engines, such as the newly developed, 140 ps naturally-aspirated direct injection engine, the largest capacity engine in its class. These Canters were also the first in their class to be equipped with safety features such as projector head lamps.

In addition, the 6th generation Canters were the first in their class to employ a newly developed liquid-filled cab suspension as well as front wheel independent suspension. These Canters, full of brand-new features, were designed to be trucks in which everything about them is excellent for everyone.
In 2002, with the 21st century now in full swing, the Canter has been remodeled once again after 8 years and 7 months. This Canter has become a world standard model, the "New Generation Canter".

The Canter will continue to be cherished and driven in the 21st century, and will one day be called the swift horse of legend.



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